2 – B: Prepared Logbook Files Sent to YOU!


LOGBOOK-IN-A-BOX                  (Physical Prepared Files for you to fill with your own projects and tasks)                                             

This product offers you 2 Pre-prepared Files with relevant divisions and instructions to complete all sections of the Logbook according to the EAAB. 

Click on the ‘envelope’. Send me a message and I will send you an Invoice. Payment is via EFT until product is loaded to Payfast.

LOGBOOK-IN-A-BOX   (Physical Prepared Files for you to fill with your own projects and tasks)                                              

What you are paying for:

  • Training on Delivery / Receiving Package: 90 minutes to explain the instructions and checklist, which must be followed to the 'T'
  • 2 Large Quality A4 Files with applicable plastic dividers and front pages for each section
    • File 1 – Knowledge Tasks
    • File 2 – Portfolio of Evidence & Acts
  • Plastic dividers for easy filing - Flagging of sections
  • Complete Index and checklists from p 1 - 102
  • Step-by-step instructions and guidance for the 10 Projects and 14 Extra Induction Tasks
  • Templates of multiple tasks to complete (e.g. Bond calculations, Transfer duties calculation, Buyers cards etc. etc.)
  • Instructions and guidance for the completion of the Portfolio of Evidence
  • Links to all Acts (e.g. F.I.C.A, F.A.I.S, etc)
  • Email assistance at any time
  • File / Project tasks checking assistance before submitting to EAAB

Cost: R 2 950.00

The self-help package will be ready within 5 - 7 days of proof of Payment, as files are prepared per order. As soon as the package is sent off, a waybill number will be sent to you and it will be available for pick up at the nearest PostNet office.

Please note: Delivery in a radius of 15km is Free. Courier or Delivery costs to be confirmed.

Please allow a 90-minute meeting on delivery or hand over, to discuss and assist with any questions. Should you not be able to attend the meeting in person, we can schedule a telephone or Skype meeting.

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