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Welcome to the Logbook Course!

Are you also a bit ‘lost’, and don’t know whére to start??….                                                                 

                                                                                 Well, as they say: You have arrived !!

We encourage you to carefully read through this part and preparing your files as soon as you’ve received this course, in order to complete it in the timeframe allowed online.

We appreciate your time and know exactly what an Intern’s challenges are, hence this specially designed course by ®DerWalt Academy, which is very user-friendly and assists you through this complex and confusing process on how to structure and present your files, prepare your assignments, collect evidence for the portfolio of evidence to the EAAB specifications.

By doing exactly thàt, we prepared some awesome templates for you to download & print and use as a suggested way to prepare your files, befóre you start collecting the material.


In fact, the way you must tackle this massive, and ‘willingly forced’  task,

will eventually make sense to you…

Instruction Templates:

1   By meticulously following the instructions on “How to complete Logbook” under the “INSTRUCTION GUIDES” it will ultimately bring you to a full understanding of what is expected of you. 

2   Our absolutely unique  & valuable “Checklist”, also found under  the same INSTRUCTION GUIDES will assist you to allocate and file each document exactly in the designated place in your files.

3  The highly recommended online Induction Course covers more than 85% of the topics requested in the compulsory Logbook all Intern Agents have to complete.

Instead of doing all the research yourself, you might consider ordering the Induction Course as well, and receive the benefit from the loads and loads of info on all topics needed for the Logbook !

4   Each project must be treated as a separate assignment, using the templates to help you every step of the way.

Apart from the Induction Course we offer, this on-line Logbook Instruction course will assist you in completing your Logbook with ease.

The Intern Logbook Project Course includes instructions on how to:

  1. Complete the Personal details section;
  2. Answer the 10 Projects based on the projects set by the Board;
  3. Answer the Workplace Experience projects;
  4. Build your Portfolio of Evidence;
  5. Complete the Appraisal section;
  6. Find the links to all the Acts.

We trust that you’ll find these guidelines valuable to complete your Logbook according to the required standards, and receive your letter of competence from the EAAB soon !!

NB: Once enrolled, access to the course is given for 6 months, after which it will be disabled, but extention can be requested at no cost.

The guides and instructions on how to build your files and to answer each section in the Logbook, is found under “INSTRUCTION GUIDES”

It is very important to use the format as required by the EAAB.

In addition to being a paid, enrolled user in the course, you just need a reliable internet connection and a computer to access and complete this course.

You have to be registered as an Intern Estate Agent at the EAAB with an Agency of your choice and have signed a contract of employment, and received or are waiting to receive your Fidelity Fund Certificate, but have yet to start their EAAB Intern Logbook.


What we supply when you enrol for the Logbook Course:

  • Clear instructions and guidance on how to build your Intern Logbook file in hardcopy, where to insert each document and where to send your completed Intern Logbook for EAAB assessment
  • Templates and examples for ease of reference and to encourage you to use these when preparing your answer. (All found under ‘TEMPLATES’ on this site) E.g. * Bond calculations; * Transfer duty calculations; *Marketing project; * business plan; * registration process; * Buyers’ & Sellers’ card examples; * Buyer qualifications criteria, etc etc
  • Complete Check List to ensure you are on track to meet the EAAB requirements fro the Logbook submission
  • Simply explained instructions for each Project and the Portfolio of Evidence
  • Helpful resources/web links


What do you need to do to complete your Logbook?

1.  Purchase two A-4 Lever Files;

2.  Download the following:

  1. “Index’ pages found on the ‘INSTRUCTION GUIDE’ page; These pages are to be the ‘main’  dividers for the different sections;
  2.  “File dividers” pages – This includes also the Index to each and every section of the Logbook;
  3.  “Check List” – Pin-point every single page’s place in the files;
  4.  “Appraisal” examples. page 57 to 109 of the Logbook, to be completed after each section/project.            Tip:  An example of each page is included in this package to download.                          

3.   All you have to do is :

  1. Follow the checklist and division categories;
  2. Design your own index pages (a List is supplied under the “Instructions” button);
  3. Create division flags;
  4. Place your projects, examples, and Portfolio of Evidence into designated positions into the two files.


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