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Keeping track of multiple transactions is, to say the least, time-consuming, and might seem unnecessary, but if updates are made on a weekly basis, the task is not so tedious as you thought it might be.

Proof of feedback to your clients and milestones reached are then recorded for any future reference or if any dispute arises.

This is purely for you as the agent to ‘remember’ when certain documents were sent – or not….

It is also a handy tool to plan and estimate when you’ll receive your next commission cheque!

Why I find this very handy:

It provides me with proof of the following:

  1. When the Offer To Purchase was signed;
  2. When the copy of the Offer To Purchase was sent to all Parties;
  3. When the seller was reminded to notify the bank regarding the property to be placed on the market  (actually done when mandate was signed, but  to ‘cover’ yourself, and to protect the seller’s interests, it is always suggested to remind the seller again.
  4. When the Bond Application started – and was accepted;
  5. When the Latest Complex rules were sent to the purchasers (if purchasing in a sectional title scheme)
  6. When the Certificate of Compliance was arranged and received;
  7. When Occupational rent was arranged;
  8. When lodgment took place in the Deeds offices;
  9. When transfer is on “Prep”;
  10. Date of Registration !


One of the Estate Agents’ duties is to assist the seller to obtain a  Certificate of Compliance, for example, the electricity or gas certificate of compliance.

This request form, designed on MS Excel is hande, and can also be copied and saved in pdf, filed under the Property file in “Documents’ as Proof of Evidence that you indeed requested such a  service.



All transactions regarding Fidelity Fund Certificates need to be done online via the MyEAAB portal on the top navigation menu bar of the EAAB website. There is more step by step guideline on the link available for download at the bottom of this page.


Clients generally ask many questions, especially first-time buyers and sellers.

I have found these Guides extremely handy, and since sending it to my Sellers, straight after a Mandate was signed, and including it in the email to the Purchaser when sending the copy of the Offer To Purchase, my clients were better informed on all aspects of a transaction, and fewer queries occurred. 

Guides for the SELLER and the BUYER are FREE to download. This includes guidelines on correct pricing,  FICA docs needed, Costs for all parties, the Certificate of Compliance requirements, Property defects disclosure, Fixtures & Fittings, Registration process etc. 

You are welcome to personalize it by adding contact numbers on the front page. Enjoy!



By contacting us via the Chat Button (envelope on right-hand bottom of every page) we will send you this free practical year plan to schedule your activities to complete your Logbook within 40 weeks.

If you stick to this program and guidance, it is possible to complete the Logbook in 40 weeks (9 months) or less. 

Logbook submissions are only accepted at the EAAB after 12 months has expired after an Intern Estate Agent his/her FIRST Fidelity Fund Certificate.

NB: Once enrolled, access to the course is given for 6 months, after which it will be unavailable to access. However, it is possible to build and prepare the logbook within this time-frame. Special arrangements can be made for additional access should it be needed.


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