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Why would I enrol for the Induction Course?

It is compulsory for all Intern Estate Agents, irrespective of their qualifications, to do the Required Induction Training.

Our Online Induction Course prepares you for the completion of the Logbook and covers more than 80% of the topics requested in the compulsory Logbook all Intern Agents have to complete.

This Induction Course is structured to take Intern Agents through all aspects and fundamentals of the SA Real Estate industry, compiled in 8 Modules, (see the full index under ‘Induction Course”) after which you receive a certificate of compliance to place in the Logbook.

Why would I enrol for the Logbook Course?

Our Online Logbook Course, which is the practical part of your qualification, is structured to help you build your 2 Files in the correct way, as prescribed by the EAAB.

You will know exactly how to answer your Projects, how to do the Workplace Evidence projects, where to place EVERY page in your files, at the correct place and how to gather your Portfolio of Evidence for the Mandates and Offers you have to file.

The Checklist is designed to pinpoint where every single page needs to be filed.

The example of how the Appraisals needs to be completed is also included.

There is no course available in South Africa with so much info and direction, and you will be able to complete your Logbook correctly – The FIRST TIME!!


What exactly happens after ordering?

1.   Once you have ordered a course and made payment, you will receive a password to log into the site and course you’ve paid for.                              2.   Please keep this password safe.                                                                                                                                                                                                      3.   The reading material, assignments and quiz’s of the course which was ordered will only be accessible by the person who received the unique password.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  4.  After completion of all assignments and Quiz’s, certification  will be received via email, to  print and file in your Logbook.  

How long will delivery take?

Delivery and login details with password will be sent via email, once your payment is confirmed. Usually within 15 minutes.


How long will I have access to complete the courses?

You have 3 months access with one password to complete the Induction Course, and 6 months access with a different password to complete the Logbook Course. 

If you enrolled for the Combo (Induction & Logbook) , the same applies.

Which type of payments are accepted?

EFT, Payfast

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

No, please keep record of your proof of payment  for tax purposes.

How do I proceed to enrol for a course?

Please click on the HOW TO ENROL button on the bottom of this page.

Can I complete this online?

Only the Induction Course can be completed online by answering the Quiz at the end of each Module, passing with 75% will then automatically allow you to proceed to the next Module. Certification will be sent to you via email at the end of the course. The certificate must be placed in your Logbook, to aid as proof of knowledge gained through Induction to the Industry.

The Logbook files, which are still accepted in hardcopy until further notice by EAAB, can be built by applying the instructions and download all that is needed to complete.

How long is the internship?

It takes 12 uninterrupted months to complete the internship during which period you complete the Intern Logbook, which includes a Portfolio of Evidence, showing that you have completed and has proof of the knowledge and activities associated with real estate.

When should I start completing my Logbook?

I personally, and out of experience, suggest that an Intern agent should concentrate on completing the Induction course befóre starting to build the Logbook and Portfolio of Evidence and tackle the Projects and tasks. The reason is, that you actually need to have a little experience and have at least done a Mandate and a Sale in order to understand the process better.

With the broad knowledge you gain while studying the Induction Course, this should be possible to achieve within the first 3 months of internship, whereafter you will be equipped with actual examples to place in your Portfolio.

Am I qualified after completion of the Logbook?

No. You will only be qualified as a full status agent when you have been found competent in the PDE Level 4 (Professional Designated Exam) and passed the PDE4 (Further Education & Training ) exam. You will then be allowed to place the designation: PPRE, after your name. (Professional Practitioner in Real Estate)

Do I need a matric to complete my Logbook?

No, but in order to register for your NQF 4, you must have matric with maths and a second SA language. 

How long do I have to complete the Logbook?

You have the 12 months internship period since the first Fidelity Fund Certificate was received to complete your logbook, but are required to submit it by no later than 24 months after you became an intern estate agent.

Will I be able to print the reading material or assignments?

1.   The reading material is protected, but the assignments can be found in the ‘TEMPLATES’ section in pdf format and are printable.                                          2.   The Scenarios created to complete the assignments for Module 6 can also be found in the ‘TEMPLATES’ section in pdf format and is printable.                3.   All templates in the ‘Free Downloads’ section are printable for future use.

How secure is your online course ordering process? Is my data protected?

Your  data is secured, as long as your password is restricted to be used on one device only.

May I share the password with a colleague to also have access to the reading material?

No, sharing is strictly forbidden and will be picked up by the website, after which you will be blocked and prevented from completing the course.

Am I getting my Logbook Files back?

No, unfortunately, no files are returned to Intern Estate agents. All files are kept in storage at the EAAB for a period of 5 yrs after which it is destroyed.

Do I have to submit my Assignments for the Induction Course in order to receive the certificate of compliance?

No, the assignments are to be completed and utilised in the Logbook where applicable. The 8 Quiz’s (multiple choice questions) must be completed and passed with a minimum of 75% to automatically receive a Certificate to be placed in your Logbook after page 65.

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