2 – A: Logbook Training (Online Course)


We supply you with the following:
§ Complete Check List on where to file each and every task, from page 1  109.
§ Main sections for the files to design and print
§ Indexes to use for each section and project as extracted from the EAAB  Logbook
§ An emailed template on how to complete each and every page of the appraisals  page 57 – 109
§ Detailed instructions on how to answer every project and assignments
§ General Instructions regarding font size, format, how and when to number and sign  each page etc.
§ Access to the website to download many informative training documents
§ Assistance in moderating your assignments via email – you send it to me and I will check if you’re on the right track with your answers.
This product of Der Walt Academy is very popular and many many Interns completed their Logbooks correctly the 1st time making use of this awesome guide.
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