2 – D: Build & Complete your Logbook (Emailed Package)



Intern Estate Agents can make use of this package to build their Logbook from scratch.

This will enable them to understand the structure in which the Logbook must be submitted to the EAAB.

The contents of Package 2 will allow you to build ALL the sections of the logbook yourself and then follow the Indexes to structure your files.             

This Package includes the questions of the Projects, and much more! 

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Never have the TIME to complete your your Logbook, because life is hectic and you have to focus on selling...?


      Now You Do!


The Logbook can be quite overwhelming and often agents delaying this tedious task because they there is no specific structure in the layout and how the questions should be answered in the EAAB’s Logbook …

®Der Walt Academy is here to assist you in this tedious but very important task every step of the way!

Look what we supply you with in this special LOGBOOK-IN-A-BOX ONLINE COURSES and become part of those who have been able to complete the Logbook, not only in a record time, but also Correct the FIRST TIME!


  •      1.   TEMPLATES OF:
    • Complete Check List on where to file each and every task, from page 1 – 109.
    • 7 Main sections for the files to design
    • Break-down and bullet-pointed Indexes of each section as extracted from the EAAB Logbook
  •       2.   INSTRUCTIONS
    • Detailed instructions on how to Build Your Logbook from start to finish
    • Instructions on how and when to number the page
  •       3.   PLUS
    • Detailed Instructions and Guidance on how to answer each of the 10 projects, how long certain answers must be, which images to include and examples of calculations etc.
    • Detailed instructions on how to answer the 14 Workplace Evidence Projects, how long certain answers must be, which images to include and examples of calculations etc.
    • Links to all the acts
    • An emailed template on how to complete the appraisals – page 57 – 109


All you have to do Is to design your own pages according to the examples, copy and follow all indexes and instructions and add your Projects & all documents in the correct sections.



Completing your Logbook have never been than this!!

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